207 Squadron - Get Togethers

Reunion in 2014

At the 2013 AGM of the Squadron Association, members were strongly of the opinion that they would like to have an informal get together in 2014 in a format similar to the 2013 Association Reunion, which was proving highly successful. The Washington Group should be invited to participate, there would be no AGM and the Gala Dinner should be informal.

The gatherings will be under the aegis of Isle of Wight Tours Ltd (IOWT) who will make arrangements in accordance with what we, i.e. the majority favour.

IOWT will send the programme and reservation booking form to all those who have asked to be kept informed of future events.

Please therefore complete, if you have not already done so, (please click this link) the new KEEPING IN TOUCH form, because unlike in the past the information will NOT be circulated to all who were on the membership list.

So far I have had 49 replies but there are some who I am sure who would wish to kept informed but have not replied. If you are one of those please respond as soon as possible because I want to have names and addresses to IOWT no later than mid March.

The gathering for 2014 is in the Ambassador Hotel, Scarborough from Friday 12th to Monday 15th September and the planned programme is:


Check in from 1500hrs, the Bar will be open. Book your table for the evening meal at reception on arrival. Rest of evening socialise and catch up with friends.


1015hrs Coaches depart for a full day trip to Eden Camp, a former POW camp near Malton, and now a walk-through museum reflecting the days of WWII.
1800hrs meet in the Bronte Suite for pre dinner Wine Reception followed by dinner at 1900hrs during which there will be the Loyal Toast, and 207 Squadron will be remembered. As in the past there will be a raffle with the proceeds going to a RAF charity. Please bring a prize.


1000hrs coaches depart for the picturesque fishing port of Whitby where there is much to do and see. More information will be with the IOWT booking form. Coach return time approximately 1400hrs thus allowing time to explore Scarborough before the evening meal at your chosen time.

I hope that on one of the days it will be possible to take in a visit to the 158 Squadron Memorial at the site of the former RAF Lissett. This is a dramatic and simple memorial to the 851 squadron members killed in WWII and pre-dates the Bomber Command Memorial to which it has a striking similarity. Lissett was planned pre 1939 because it was in a direct line to Germany without crossing any other territory. I'll discuss with IOWT which day will be the more suitable but at present I think that Sunday would be the better day.


199 for 3 nights/4 days half board.
154 for 2 nights/3 days half board.
Saturday night B&B plus Gala Dinner 79.
Dinner only 35.

N.B. Please do NOT contact the hotel to make a booking for the weekend

The Washington (B29 Superfort) Group joined us at Stafford and they will also be coming toScarborough. Chris Howlett who is the Washington leader will be circulating the group.

last updated 12 Jan 14