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December 2003

The bumper Winter/Spring 2003/4 Newsletter which covers the Presentation of the Standard at Linton on 25th November was despatched on 30 December: this issue comes with an updated Register of Members and the Minutes of the 2003 AGM.

We recently learned of the death of Horace Daniels DFC (Observer 12/42-2/43), in October 2003 and of Cecil Edwards, Instrument Maker (2/41-1/44) who died aged 84 on 16 December 2003. If you can provide material for appreciations of them please contact the editor.

November 2003

25th November at RAF Linton on Ouse was a splendid day - the Presentation of a New Standard to 207 (Reserve) Squadron by HRH Prince Andrew.

The Parade went very well with the airmen and women of Linton doing a grand job, drilled by F/Sgt B Conchie (we wonder if he is related to Bert Conchie?) from the Regiment; the Parade Commander was OC 207 Squadron, Alan Dolding. Flt Lt Matt Hollowood was the Standard Bearer and later it was marvellous to be able to introduce him and his parents to Dick Haven who did the same job in 1956 when the original Standard was presented by HM The Queen at Marham.

Over 50 members of the Association and those accompanying them were able to attend on a day of mixed weather. Alan Mawby, the Sqn History and Association Liaison Officer provided an excellent display of the Squadron silver and a selection of photos. After lunch there were tours of the Squadron and parts of the Station followed by a superb display first by a solo Tucano and then by a formation of four. In the evening those invited had a splendid time at the Dining-In Night, at which Wallace McIntosh gave a talk. The Station Commander granted a Bar extension until 1am and the Students beat the Instructors 2-1 at Tug of War. A great day and thanks to everyone whose hard work made it such a success. Please see above for a link to photos of the event and day.

Ian Hampton has now added images of the Devons on BBMF duty and on the Final Flypast in June 1984 - see Memories > Devons and of the Laying up of the 'old' 207 Standard in Leicester Cathedral that year - see Memorials > to 207 Squadron

Remembrance: Belgian Friend member Leon Reumers visited the graves of the three members of the Solly crew kia 21/22.6.44 - see via Memorials > to 207 Squadron crew members > Solly crew

207 Squadron February 1984 photo - fully named, via Ian Hampton who retires from the RAF this month. Ian has also provided a photo of the handover photo for VP952 to the RAF Museum, 5 July 1984 - 207's last sortie for 18 years: see Memories > Devons

October 2003

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The pages on Newsletter content (see Association news > NEWSLETTERS) have been adapted to make searching them easier.

207 Squadron December 1979 photo - thanks to images received from Dennis Buck - see if you can confirm the names/fill in the blanks - Ian Hampton adds some and photo of a Devon cockpit - see Memories > Devons

Dennis also reports the death of Mike Thatcher (Nav, about 1971) who died at the age of 59 on 10 Oct 2003. George Mitchell attended his funeral in Alfriston.

Alfred Hall, Navigator in the Grey and Curd crews 1944 has joined.

Trees dedicated to 207s at East Kirkby - quite a collection
- see Memorials > to crews > dedicated trees at E Kirkby
(if you are aware of any other 207 dedicated trees elsewhere please provide details)

11th October - Dedication of a tree at East Kirkby to the John Siebert crew shot down in 1941 - the families of the crew and the Dutch members who have tended John Seibert's grave and those of 12 other 207s buried at Eindhoven appreciated the fine weather for their tree dedication - and the bonus of the Lancaster doing a taxi run - see Memorials > to crews >Siebert.

September 2003

Another enjoyable reunion was held at the Midland Hotel, Derby, on 13th September when 112 of us sat down for Dinner - the date for next year is Saturday 11th September. Photos from the 2003 Reunion

August 2003

17 Aug Air Forces Memorial Runnymede ACA Family Day service incorporating 60th Anniversary of the Peenemunde Raid: we laid a wreath in memory of those who took part, especially the 63 men in the 9 crews from 207 Squadron who all returned safely but of whom 39 did not live to see Victory
- see photos and service via Memorials > Other 207 related memorials > Runnymede.

14 Aug 12.30 for 13.00 Dedication of saplings from 207 Lancaster crash site in Europe, at the Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby - one to all who served on 207 Squadron, the other to Bomber Command - all who waited in vain. 207(R) Sqn Tucano aircraft flypast at 13.10, subject to conditions. A simple, brief ceremony, picnic afterwards
- see photos and service via Memorials > to the Squadron > Tree at East Kirkby.

Genealogy page updated with a badge of 274 Sqn and links to ancestor/descendant RAF Squadrons
Links pages checked and updated - if you find a broken link please tell the editor.
Link from an Australian expert, Wg Cdr John Williamson AM (Retd) is added to the home page explaining the differences and usage of the Tudor ("Kings") and Edward ("Queens") crowns in RAF heraldry.

July 2003

4 July - our President Wg Cdr Ken Marwood AFM RAF(Retd) at last makes it to a 207(R) Course Graduation at Linton-on-Ouse - an account will be in the next newsletter.

June 2003

15th June at the Imperial War Museum Duxford saw the signings of Gunning for the Enemy, the book by Mel Rolfe on Wallace McIntosh DFC*, DFM and Friend Member Oliver Clutton-Brock's major work on RAF Bomber Command POWs in German hands, Footprints on the Sands of Time. A number of 207's turned out, including Secretary Kevin Mapley. Oliver was supported by a hutful of RAFex-POW Association book signers, including Jimmy James, a survivor of the Great Escape. Click here for photos

May 2003

WWI - 1918 Officers' photo - names now added - even the cat and the dog, thanks to Clive Semple, son of one of those shown.

Presentation of the Standard, July 1956: please contact the Editor if you have or know of any photos of the Flypast.

Sortie Not Completed by Friend Member Andrew Armstrong and his wife Ruth relates the story of one of 207's crews at Spilsby - the connection being that Andrew's mother, Mrs Frances Armstrong was a daughter of the Hall family, host to many of the lads at ITW in Skegness who were billeted at their Boston home in 10 Browns Road. Frances was never to forget Ross Shannon, Air Bomber in the Peter McIntosh crew, lost aboard EM-G PB294 when trying to deal with a hung up 'cookie' 5 miles off the Lincolnshire coast after the raid on Donges, 24/25 July 1944. details

Australians: The Department of Veterans' Affairs World War Two Nominal Roll website was created in November 2002 to honour and commemorate the men and women who served in Australia's defence forces and the Merchant Navy during this conflict. This site contains information from the service records of some one million individuals who served during World War Two. Australians enlisted in other Commonwealth or Allied forces are not included.

April 2003

Member Wallace McIntosh DFC* DFM and Friend Member Oliver Clutton-Brock are both involved in book launches in June. Wallace's life story Gunning for the Enemy, by Mel Rolfe, and Oliver's book Footprints on the Sands of Time about RAF Bomber Command POWs in German hands are being launched at Duxford on 15th June. Donations made at the signing will be going to this Association and to the RAF Ex-POW Association respectively. For more information on these books please visit the following links on the publisher's website (Grub Street Publishing):

Gunning for the Enemy Footprints on the Sands of Time

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Jan-March 2003

A query from the Squadron, which has been busy recovering our silverware. In the Squadron collection of silver there are two small EPNS finger bowls inscribed: ' TO 207 SQUADRON FROM REV H St J BRADFORD '.  Being EPNS, the bowls carry no date letter. There is no reference to any Rev. Bradford in the published Squadron history.  Perhaps someone in the Association will remember who Rev. Bradford was and what connection he had with the Squadron? Please contact the editor

A new page has been added to Memories - Fairey Gordons - with a superb image of a line up of 35 Sqn and 207 Sqn machines.

A whole new site on 207 at Worthy Down and Cottesmore - see Memories > Late 1930s - based on the photo album of Bill 'Pluto' Angell (Pilot, April 1937-August 1939) has been added.

Belated congratulations to Dr Bryan Pattison, Hon Member, on his award of an OBE in the New Year Honours 'For services to British interests in Switzerland'. Bryan is on RAFA's Central Executive and is Vice President of RAFA European Area. Sadly his wife Pat passed away last year.

207(R) has new badges and aircraft livery - see the 207(R) site. The 207 badge on the main website has been changed from the version on the vinyl stickers many of us have, to a copy of that actually approved by Edward VIII in 1936.

We offer our condolences to the Cordon family on the death of Alec Cordon Air Gunner 3/43-11/43 on 15 Feb 2003. Alec's funeral was on 5th March at Bournemouth Crematorium and some members of the Association were able to attend. Alec was in Sqn Ldr David Balme's crew and was also in the 9 Sqn Lanc which collided with Bill Baker's 207 Lanc over Berlin.

The Spilsby Airfield Memorial was completed with a gravel in-fill at the end of Summer 2002 - see Memorials

Do you recognise anyone in this Summer 1947 photo at Stradishall?

Ted Bobbin, Pilot 1947-48 is on the extreme left, standing

In Memories, 60th Anniversary, more on the 207 60th Anniversary cover featuring Lord Tedder, a former CO.

The World War One section of the website has been extensively updated.

Jack Lord GD Nav 5/56-6/61 has joined and provided an entertaining account of his favourite Valiant XD875. Other ex Squadron members welcomed are Terry Grewcock Nav 3/54-5/56, Dennis Maunders Nav 5/51-4/55, Don Crichton Navigator 9/44-5/45 (returning to the fold) and George Beardsmore who was on Gorund Defence at Bottesford and Langar.

Website success - Ken Cowgill Air Gunner 9/43-7/44 is now in touch with the family of his fellow gunner in the Cosens crew, Tony Owen. Ken was badly injured on the raid on Hanover on 27/28 September 1943 and did not rejoin the Cosens crew, which was eventually lost, all killed, on Berlin (ND510 EM-T). Len Field was the rear gunner who replaced Ken.

Bob Hood-Morris Nav/BA 5/43, the only remaining survivor of the Parselle crew, has been located by the editor as a result of the research by Paul Kendall and Chris Cook on Chris's father, Sgt Stanley Cook kia 26/5/43 with that crew.

A page on the Dallen crew - ME814 EM-E - lost on Revigny 18/19 July 1944 between Lignon and Margerie-Hancourt, France: the only survivor was the late Len Aitken, who evaded. Mrs Margaret Aitken is now a Friend member, as is Oliver Clutton-Brock who wrote Massacre over the Marne, the book on the Revigny raids: see Memorials > 207 Crews.

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