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RAF Linton-on-Ouse

In July 2002 207(R) Squadron was formed at Linton on Ouse which is one of the busiest training airfields in the RAF. Linton-on-Ouse has been used as a Bomber, Transport and Fighter airfield in its long and interesting history since it opened in 1937. Since 1957 the main role of the Station has been pilot training, initially with the Jet Provost, but now with the Tucano T1. In 2002 No.1 Flying Training School operated no fewer than 78 Tucano T1s at Linton-on-Ouse, providing basic flying instruction. No.72(R) Squadron was also formed here in July 2002. Also flying at Linton was No 642 Volunteer Gliding School, equipped with Vigilant T1s.

As a result of the implications of the budgetary cuts applying to the Armed Forces 207(R) Squadron was merged into 72(R) Squadron: a Disbandment Parade was held at Linton in January 2012.

207(R)'s Standard, which was presented by Prince Andrew in 2003 was laid up in Lincoln Cathedral on 3rd October 2013.

Linton-on-Ouse airfield/area map via Google maps

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RAF Northolt

Northolt area/airfield map via Google maps

A Communications era album - can you add names, dates?

Postings to/from 207 Squadron at Northolt (1969-1975, which as far as there is access to at present)

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RAF Marham

This website includes some history and many links of use to those in the area. The Squadron is returning as the F-35B Lightning OCU in 2019.

Station Commanders at RAF Marham during 207's time there
main source: RAF Marham by Ken Delve (PSL)

1949 Gp Capt PW Stansfield DFC 1956 Gp Capt LM Hodges CBE DSO DFC
1951 Gp Capt BA Casey OBE 1959 Gp Capt WJ Burnett DSO DFC AFC
1952 Gp Capt OR Donaldson CBE DSO DFC 1961 Gp Capt IR Campbell AFC
1955 Gp Capt RC Ayling OBE 1964 Gp Capt PA Kennedy DSO DFC AFC

2017 Gp Capt Ian Townsend ADC MA

Marham airfield/area map via Google maps

Postings to/from 207 Squadron at Marham
Washingtons era - work in progress
Canberra era - work in progress
Valiants era

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the obelisk from the 2001 memorial
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RAF Spilsby

Our Memorials pages include the original Spilsby Airfield Memorial dedicated in August 2001. That memorial suffered badly from weathering and was replaced by a splendid new memorial in 2012.

The Editor, Frank Haslam, would like to publish a record of 207's time at RAF Spilsby, to complement those on Bottesford and Langar. This may be produced as a website.

Robert Truman's site on Spilsby Airfield

Map of the Spilsby area - Map of the Great Steeping/airfield area
via Google maps

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RAF Langar*

207 Squadron was based at RAF Langar from September 1942 to October 1943. There is an airfield memorial to those who served on 207 there and who did not return from duty (see Memorials link)

It is now in use by British Parachute School. The Control Tower has been modified by other users, such as the Americans and is now part of the BPC clubhouse.

Robert Truman's site on Langar Airfield

Map of Langar/Harby area - Map of Langar airfield - via Google maps

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RAF Syerston

Initially a bomber station when it opened in 1940, Syerston became a training base post-war, until it closed as an operational station in 1976. Syerston is currently home to the RAF's Air Cadets Central Gliding School, responsible for the allocation and maintenance of gliders, and No 644 Volunteer Gliding School.

207 Squadron was detached from Bottesford to Syerston in August 1942 and moved from Bottesford/Syerston to Langar the following month.

Map of Syerston area showing airfield via Google maps

RAF Bottesford

RAF Bottesford*

207 Squadron was based at RAF Bottesford from November 1941 to September 1942. There is a memorial to those who served on 207 there and who did not return from duty in the church of St Mary the Virgin, Bottesford.

The Roseland Group, which owns the site, have restored the Control Tower for office use. RAF Bottesford is now called Normanton Airfield.

Robert Truman's site on Bottesford Airfield.

Map of Bottesford area showing airfield via Google maps

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RAF Waddington

'this web-site provides a source of information about Royal Air Force Station Waddington and its environs. It is hoped that it will be a useful resource for service personnel and aviation enthusiasts alike.'

John Hamlin, the author of 207's official history Always Prepared, also wrote a book on RAF Waddington - For Faith and Freedom.

Map of Waddington/airfield area via Google maps

RAF Cranfield

RAF Cranfield

In August 1939 No 62 Squadron were sent to the Far East and Singapore and No 82 moved to Watton.

Nos 35 and 207 Squadrons then arrived from Cottesmore, in Fairey Battles, to take their place. Both these Squadrons provided replacement pilots and observer/ gunners for Nos 15 and 40 squadrons in France. Thirty men trained each six week period.

Robert Truman's site on Cranfield Airfield

These squadrons departed in late 1939 leaving a Servicing Flight only.

Map of Cranfield/airfield area via Google maps

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RAF Cottesmore

"Today, RAF Cottesmore is home to three squadrons of Harrier GR7s, making it one of the most important frontline bases in the Royal Air Force. But the Station has a long and distinguished history stretching back more than 60 years."

207 was there at the start, as recalled by Wg Cdr Bill Angell DFC.

Map of Cottesmore/airfield area via Google maps

Worthy Down

RAF Worthy Down

As recalled by Wg Cdr Bill Angell DFC

Worthy Down sites:

Map of the Worthy Down airfield area via Google maps

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