Those who have created these memorials have done their best to create something respectful and even of beauty, to help us, who come to mourn, remember and reflect. Remember that the memorials represent the pain and suffering unto death of those - volunteers all - who did not survive. They were doing their duty: in training and on operations which meant being prepared to go out time after time to face the enemy.

They fought and worked to help rid their world of the evils of tyranny.
The lives of those they left behind were changed. Forever. A debt we owe.

The musical tribute is part of Eventide & The Last Post arranged by James Haslam, the grandson of a 207 Lancaster Wireless Operator shot down in June 1944. His grandfather evaded capture, as did the Flight Engineer. The Pilot, Mid-Upper Gunner and Navigator were killed. The Bomb Aimer and the Rear Gunner were taken PoW. The survivors asked - why us? Let the words of the Kohima Memorial speak for the dead:

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