Mailly-le-Camp Panzer Depot Raid Memorial, France

Mailly Camp, used by the Wehrmacht for training and reinforcement of front-line Panzer units, held at least 10,000 men.  In the preparations for D-Day it was essential to reduce the threat posed by this target, which was attacked on the night of  3/4th May 1944.

When the target had been marked to Wg Cdr Leonard Cheshire's satisfaction, the Main Force was called in.  His message did not at first get through clearly because of radio interference.  As the attack stalled, nightfighters gorged among the orbiting bombers.

The attack was eventually successful but at the cost of 42 of the 346 Lancasters taking part, including two from 207 Squadron. Ron Emeny (ND556/EM-F) was one of four 207s who evaded and was the last airman to cross the Pyrenees via the COMÈTE Line, June 6th 1944.

(photo source: Haslam)


Sergeant Ron Emeny's face was badly burned. He was found by a French Resistance group, one of whom was Lucien Tripot.

Ron was treated by a doctor specializing in body burns. Drugs for this were flown in from the UK by Lysander.

During his convalescence, Ron remained hidden. As soon as his health permitted, he was taken to Paris and put in contact with the Comet escape line.

Lucien Tripot concealed Ron's parachute until the Germans left his village of Villemandeur on August 23, 1944.

After the war, using nylon fabric from the parachute his wife-to-be made her dress for her wedding, which took placeon September 24, 1947 in Villemandeur (Loiret). She also made several other items.

The dress is an exhibit in Caen Memorial Museum.