207 Squadron Standard - Presentation Speeches

Addressing the Squadron, the Queen said: "Twenty-five years is a great milestone in the life of a squadron, so I am very pleased to present this Standard to No.207 Squadron today to mark this notable occasion."

"207 Squadron has a proud and glorious history as a fighting unit through two great wars. Fighting first as part of the Royal Naval Air Service, it became No.207 Squadron of the Royal Air Force in 1918. Its bombing activities were repeated in the second World War, when it took part almost continuously in attacks upon the enemy, inflicting heavy damage. This gallant service was not rendered without severe losses in brave lives."

source: 207 Sqn Archive

"With the passing of time the Squadron has flown many different kinds of aircraft. The Valiants with which you are now equipped are vastly different from the Handley Pages which bombed Zeebrugge and Dunkirk in 1917, but if the aircraft have altered the spirit of those who fly them remains just the same."

"In these days of uncertainty, Bomber Command has an important task in the preservation of peace, and I am glad to have the opportunity of seeing a small sample of the aircraft and equipment and particularly the men of which the whole Command is composed. I congratulate you who are on parade today and who are in the proud position of representing all your comrades, on your drill and turnout, which reflect the pride which you take in your Squadron and in your great Service. You are worthy successors to the great fighting tradition which No.207 Squadron set up in two World Wars, and I am confident that this Standard which I have just handed to you will always remain safely in your keeping."

In reply, Wing Commander DD Haig, Parade Commander and Officer Commanding No.207 Squadron said Her Majesty's graciousness in personally presenting the Standard had made the day one which would long be remembered in the history of the Squadron. "I can assure your Majesty that the officers and airmen serving today will uphold the honour and glory won for the Squadron by their brother comrades in arms" he said.

Presentation Drill